BodyTalk Sessions

All BodyTalk sessions

Once you made an appointment, I will ask you to fill out an intake form which we will discuss before the session starts.
Typically you then lay down on a massage table, face up and fully clothed. I will sit at your side and use your arm or hand for biofeedback.
With BodyTalk there is no diagnosis, no prescriptions,  no needles.

Face to Face sessions

As I am travelling through New Zealand this year, there is a good chance that I come to a place near you. Check my current whereabouts on my Facebook page and give me a call when you want to arrange a session.

I can come to your place with my transportable treatment table (we need a quiet room or area where we won’t be disturbed) or we can do the session in my closed caravan awning (weather dependent).

For a BodyTalk treatment you stay fully clothed and you lay on the table. It’s a very relaxing affair. Clients usually enjoy the treatment.

I will ask your body questions according to an extensive protocol and I am trained to receive your body’s answers via biofeedback through your hand. The resulting answers are then gently tapped out over your three brains – head, heart and gut. Depending on what comes up during the session other gentle techniques might be used as well.

The first session can take up to 90 minutes which includes a discussion of the intake form at the start.

Subsequent sessions are between 30 to 45 minutes depending on how much your body has to say and how much it can deal with on the day.

Veltheim Method of Lymph Drainage session

For the Veltheim Method of Lymph Drainage there are two options when done in person:

  • On skin – you will always be covered and draped
  • Over clothing – please wear tight fitting pants and tops

A full VMLD treatment will take about 30 to 40 minutes

Distance session

BodyTalk sessions are equally as effective when performed from a distance. I have worked with clients in Germany, Australia and across New Zealand.

Distance session are a convenient alternative if we are not in the same area or we can’t find a time which suits us both.

I will do the session at my place and will send you an audio recording with the session notes. You can (and should) listen to it when you have some quiet time and as often as it feels right for you.

All distance sessions need to be prepaid.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellation. Missed appointments or less than 24 hours cancellation notice will be charged the full session fee.
Thank you for respecting this policy.