Booking page

When you book for the first time, I’ll send you an intake form to fill in.

Depending on your preference and time zone, the session can be done via video call or I’ll email you the recording. The session will be done at the agreed time, so you are aware of it happening. You can rest or even sleep during that time or get on with your routine and listen to the recording at a time suitable for you. When doing a recorded session, a photo is required to assist with focusing on the person or the animal.

For animal sessions via video call it would be good to actually see the animal.


Special offer: 30 minutes introduction session: $30

1st session: $115

Subsequent sessions: $90

Package deal: $240 for 3 sessions

All sessions need to be prepaid.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellation. Missed appointments or less than 24 hours cancellation notice will be charged the full session fee.
Thank you for respecting this policy.